Spencer Bachus
Thank you to former U.S. Representative, Spencer Bachus, for his endorsement of Lara McCauley Alvis for Circuit Judge of Shelby County. Representative Bachus stated that he felt Lara was the most qualified candidate for Circuit Judge and that he would be supporting her in the Judicial Run-Off and telling all his family and friends to vote for Lara on Tuesday, April 12.
Dan Reeves
It has been my pleasure to work with Lara McCauley Alvis for many years beginning when she was a prosecutor in The Shelby County District Attorney’s office and afterwards for many years in private practice. I have always found Mrs. Alvis to be very prepared and knowledgeable on the issues in the matters before the court. She is by far the most qualified, and I can without reservation recommend that she be elected to replace me when I retire on March 1, 2015.
Gordon Ladner
Retired Chief Deputy District Attorney
During my 40 years as an attorney, the last 20 years of which was spent in the Shelby County District Attorney's Office, I was able to work along side many talented and dedicated attorneys but none as talented and dedicated to public service as Lara Alvis. Her trial experience in the courtroom, her knowledge of the law and most of all her character will serve the people of Shelby County well as the next Circuit Judge of Shelby County.
Tommy Spina
I have known Lara since she was a child. I have watched her evolve into caring, compassionate, conscientious individual who will bring a vast amount of life experience to the bench. Her years as a prosecutor, a defense lawyer and a general practitioner give her invaluable insight to both sides of any case and a balanced approach to resolving issues that the parties cannot resolve themselves. I support her to replace Judge Reeves without without reservation.
Patti Smith
Supreme Court Justice
Former Supreme Court Justice and 25-year Shelby County District Court Judge Patti Smith endorses Lara McCauley Alvis for Shelby County Circuit Judge. Smith, who retired from the Supreme Court in 2011, still resides in Shelby County. I believe Lara Alvis has the experience, the work ethic and the judicial demeanor needed to be an efficient and effective judge. She is known to be a hard worker and someone who goes beyond the call of duty to help others. This will serve her well on the bench, as it will those who appear in her courtroom.
John Samaniego
Shelby County Sheriff
I have confidence that Lara Alvis will serve our community well, and I proudly lend my support to her for Circuit Judge. I have worked alongside Lara for more than a decade in both criminal and family court proceedings, and recognize her unwavering commitment to our judicial process.
Beth Chapman
Former GOP Secretary of State
As a former public servant, I know the hard work and dedication it takes, and Lara Alvis has the kind of commitment and work ethic it takes. She will be a judge who will work to ensure that all people receive a level playing field. I encourage everyone to donate time, money, energy, and effort to her campaign as there are less than two weeks left until Election Day. GO VOTE for Lara and ask others to do the same! Lara will serve us well and make us proud!
RedWave Technology Group, LLC
Professional IT Company, Alabama
RedWave Technology Group, LLC is proud to endorse Lara McCauley Alvis for Judge, as we believe she would be the best candidate for the job. She has lived her life with regard to serving others and doing what is right. She has been involved in many organizations and charitable events to help others, always before helping herself. Take a look at Lara’s credentials and see for yourself why we think she would make an amazing judge for Shelby County. On March 1st 2016, please vote and help make the right decision, VOTE ALVIS FOR JUDGE! We stand behind her 100%!
Tim J. Smith
Attorney at Law
Thank you to all those who supported me in the primary election, I am asking for you to vote one more time on April 12 and put your confidence, support and vote behind Lara Alvis. As a practicing lawyer in Shelby County for over 30 years and founder of SafeHouse, a shelter for domestic violence victims, Lara Alvis and I both share the desire to serve and help the people of Shelby County. She is by far the most qualified candidate to replace Judge Dan Reeves and I fully support her in the upcoming run-off for Circuit Judge. Mrs. Alvis has judicial temperament and is fair, impartial, experienced, and passionate about serving the community as exemplified by a lifelong career of working with organizations like SafeHouse. I am asking that you join me in casting your vote in the judicial run-off election on April 12 for Lara Alvis.
Janine L. Smith
Attorney at Law
I have known Lara Alvis since we were in college at the University of Alabama for undergraduate studies then during Law School at U of A. We have remained close friends personally and professionally since that time. She has always been an over achiever and worked tirelessly at everything she has achieved in her life. We studied in study groups together and I know her intellect is one that would greatly benefit the bench in Columbiana. She is compassionate and caring but will do what is the right thing and not the politically correct thing in each and every case. I highly recommend her as the next Circuit Judge in Shelby County.
John Lentine
Attorney at Law
My name is John A. Lentine, I have been practicing law in Alabama for nearly 29 years and have lived in Shelby County for over 20 years. Beside my law practice, I am an Adjunct Professor at the Cumberland School of Law of Samford University and the Birmingham School of Law and have taught in both those schools for many years. I have known Lara Alvis for many years as a former prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office of Shelby County and while she has been in private practice. Lara possess all the absolute necessities to serve the people of Shelby County as a Circuit Court Judge. She has the intellect, temperament and understanding of the law developed from years of practice as both a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer. Lara will serve the people of Shelby County with fairness, respect and honesty that comes from her years of practice in the courtrooms of Shelby county and across the State. In my opinion, Lara is the only candidate for Circuit Judge who possess all the qualities that makes her uniquely qualified to serve. I give Lara my highest recommendation and I’m privileged to endorse her for our next Circuit Judge of Shelby County.
Doug Marshall
Doug Marshall endorses Lara Alvis. He is Married to Christy Scott, native of Hoover with 3 adult children. He is widely respected throughout Alabama in both the business community and disability community. His Business career spanned EY, Energen, and Alagasco where he was VP/Controller and directly over 1/3 of Operations. His Non-profit background includes CFO of UCP of Greater Birmingham and CFO of Alabama Family Trust. I first met Lara when I was VP/Controller of Alagasco more then 7 years ago. I have the highest respect for her as a person of solid integrity with a tremendous legal mind. I trust her to make sound and fair decisions and fully endorse her for Shelby County Circuit Judge. I am urging my friends in Shelby County to vote on Tuesday, April 12th and to vote Lara McCauley Alvis as our next Circuit Judge.
Nick Dersiz
Hoover Police Chief
I have known Lara professionally for many years, especially during her years faithfully serving as a prosecutor. She has a keen knowledge of the law, and most importantly the integrity to apply the law impartially and fairly. She possesses the qualities and experience to be an excellent judge. I fully support her to replace outgoing Judge Dan Reeves, and ask that you vote for her on Tuesday, March 1.
Brenda Guercio
Indian Springs Mayor
I have watched Lara grow up and seen the kind of person she has become. I see the love, time and commitment she shows to her family and friends, yet she also efficiently does her job with time somehow to spare for many charitable and public service organizations. She has worked both the prosecution and defense sides of the law as well as child/domestic cases... and civil law. She has extensive experience and shows fair and impartial judgment. In this campaign, she has acted with integrity and not stooped to dirty campaign practices to win an election, but is relying on her work experience and knowledge. Who wouldn't want to go before a fair judge who has seen both sides of the law and respects the process? Judges and law enforcement support her, including Sheriff John Samaniego and retiring Judge Dan Reeves. She certainly has my endorsement and vote as the most qualified by far and a candidate that cares, has integrity, and works hard. What more could you want?
Hub Harrington
Shelby County Judge
As a former Shelby County Circuit Judge, I am very aware of the importance of the choice Shelby County voters will make in the GOP primary, for the position of Circuit Judge. Candidate Lara Alvis has broad Circuit Court experience which, in my opinion, makes her the most qualified to fill this judgeship. Mrs. Alvis posses the legal knowledge and experience essential to making sound, thoughtful and fair decisions in the cases that will come before her. I enthusiastically endorse Ms. Alvis and urge you to vote for her on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.
Chief Eugene “Buddy” Tyler
North Shelby Fire Chief
Lara has demonstrated unquestionable dedication and leadership in Shelby County. I personally know the difference she made in my child's life through her commitment to see young adults succeed in life. Thank you Lara!
Jane Hampton
Shelby County School Board
I would like to thank the citizens of Shelby County for all of their support in the primary election last week. Lara McCauley Alvis is in a run-off for Shelby County Circuit Judge on April 12, a few short weeks away. Her race and one district county commission seat are the only races in the run-off. I fully endorse Lara for this judgeship as I have known her since she was in the second grade and I was her teacher. I watched her grow up through the public school system in Shelby County and she excelled until she completed law school. Her leadership skills have been in place since the second grade but I have watched her grow into a fair-minded, intelligent, caring leader. Our County needs her on the judicial bench. PLEASE JOIN me on APRIL 12 in going to the polls one more time and a vote for Lara Alvis is a vote for the betterment of Shelby County.
John Miller
"Without question Lara is the most qualified and deserving of the title of Circuit Judge for Shelby County. She has my full support and vote and I encourage my friends, family and all citizens of Shelby County to support and vote for her March 1! A judge must be knowledgeable, fair, understanding and have unquestionable integrity. Having worked in the Shelby County court system thirty three plus years, I cannot emphasize the importance of electing someone with these qualities. I have known Lara Alvis for almost twenty years. First as an assistant district attorney when she prosecuted juvenile cases. Can you imagine how difficult this job is to hold each and every child before the court accountable but at the same time performing the job with compassion? Second as a defense attorney where she expected and demanded honesty in each of her clients. Lastly as a volunteer to the Juvenile Court where she has and continues to donate countless number of hours meeting with and speaking to children involved with the court.